Florin Grozea

Florin Grozea - 2019

About me

Dad. Entrepreneur. Founder L!NK (eCommerce App) & MOCAPP (Influencer Marketing Platform).

For the last 25 years, I’ve experienced a lot – from crafting art masterpieces to managing and creating innovative business ventures. And each time, I welcomed the challenge with courage and an open mind. Today I am an entrepreneur and I run L!NK – eCommerce App that reveals the customers who are popular in Social Media and helps shops advertise through authentic reviews and testimonials.

My career has always been at the intersection of creativity and technology. I seek to surround myself with creative people (artists, content creators, influencers) and to find, create and apply technological innovations that bring value to our lives. I believe in the power of every person to be an artist in what he does, I believe in optimism and ambition, in transparency and meritocracy.

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About my blog

This is a personal blog launched in 2006. Here you will find over 6300 articles on various topics such as marketing and branding, technology and social media, artists and artistic management, influencers and influencer marketing. Many articles are just personal thoughts and texts, discussions with myself. Content in Romanian.

Wanna talk?

Please send me an email at florin@link.software


„Words like ‘creative’ and ‘innovative’ were invented for guys like Florin Grozea. He is a professional and is a pleasure to work with. Some people can do but not teach. Some, the other way around. Florin does both exceedingly well!”

Flaviu Cicirean – Brand Minds

„Florin is one full of creativity entrepreneurs, but always organized. In collaboration with him I was always surprised by the vision of strategic communication and efficiency with which manages to pursue projects.”

Dragoș Tuță-Mihaylov – Ambasada Sustenabilității

„Florin is a detail-oriented visionary, always trying to identify innovative solutions for current problems in the music industry. Proactive, proficient and smart, he’s definitely going to change the face of the music industry in Central and Eastern Europe. And maybe even Worldwide.”

Emi Gal – Founder Ezra

„Florin is one of the best Entertainment specialists I know. Working with him is a very creative experience, and he is always dedicated and involved.”

Laura Mihăilescu – CMO eJobs

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