Blogs>>> Avril Lavigne vs. Perez Hilton

Avril s-a saturat sa fie pasiva! Si a trecut la atac! Impotriva celui mai cunoscut blogger din zona mondena din Statele Unite!

Perez Hiltonblog-ul lui enervant

Avril Lavignesite-ul ei “razbunator”.

Mie mi se pare slaba riposta. Doar atat? Un site roz cu un video?

Tu ce parere ai?

Melodia zilei:

PS: Superba melodie, apropo…

I’m not afraid of anything,
I just need to know that I can breathe,
And I don’t need much of anything,
But suddenly (suddenly)

I am small and the world is big,
All around me is fast moving,
Im surrounded by so many things,
Suddenly (suddenly)

How does it feel…
To be, different from me,
Are we the same?

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