Beatles – în sfârșit pe internet prin iTunes

Ce zici de asta? Beatles în sfârșit pe net!

Paul McCartney a fost de acord pentru prima oară să vândă întreg catalogul Beatles în format MP3, prin iTunes. Suma – 400 milioane de dolari!

British singer Paul McCartney has reached a $400 million agreement with iTunes for the distribution of the Beatles’ back catalog.

The former Beatles star, who is currently mired in a bitter divorce, officially sanctioned the Internet download service to offer the band’s musical hits from albums such as “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” the Daily Mail said Saturday.

McCartney will not be the only one enjoying the profitable deal. Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr will receive a portion of the profits, as will the families of late Beatles stars George Harrison and John Lennon.

Portions of the multimillion-dollar payout also will go to pop singer Michael Jackson, along with the EMI and Sony recording groups, who each own certain Beatles recording or publishing rights.


Din banii aceștia o mare parte va lua și Michael Jackson care a cumpărat drepturile de publishing a câtorva zeci de melodii Beatles. Cu acestea a fondat ATV, care după uniunea cu Sony Music Publishing a devenit una dintre cele mai mari case de publishing audio din lume: Sony/ATV