New Music Manifesto – Ian Rogers

Via Hypebot, iată ce zice Ian Rogers, fostul director Yahoo!Music, actual CEO a unui startup intitulat Topspin Media:

Ian Rogers

“I’m really sick of reading everyday that the music industry is falling apart because the top-line revenue of four companies isn’t what it used to be. I really think it’s a myopic way of looking at the music business. …The physics of media have changed, and as a result, it’s really ridiculous to think that the winners, or even the definition of success, will remain constant.

“…There’s certainly a new middle class of artist who’s growing up, and success means getting paid to make your art, not getting on the cover of Rolling Stone.”

“…So I really encourage you, when thinking about the music business, to think about marginal profitability for artists first and foremost, and to think about the companies that enable that, and to forget about the ones that don’t.”