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Am înscris site-ul la secţiunea Net Start-Up în cadrul NetCamp.

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eOk is a business that has reinvented the way people consume music.

I have friends who have stopped using torrents thanks to eOk and similar services. I’ve finally stopped burning music CD’s for my parents.

You can listen to the newest songs, discover fresh artists, create your own playlists. You can even go back in time for the oldies but goldies you’ve always loved.

And it’s SO simple to use.

You know… rules are changing and copyright laws are stronger every year. Record labels have finally understood that in order to fight piracy they have to outsmart it. That’s where we come in.

eOk is endorsed by the big players: labels, managers and artists
Actualy, we are the only one that has the legal right to stream music.

But more important: The team… We work with young, determined, passionate people.
And of course we have Florin Grozea, a visionary that everybody loves.

I love music. And making friends.

And is just that: your music, your friends, together.