Future of Music Coalition – Principiile compensării online a artistilor

Coaliția ’Future of Music’ vrea să impună câteva reguli pentru muzica din domeniul online.

Licensing, Collection and Distribution of Revenues

Logo * Revenue sharing: Revenues must be equitably shared between copyright owner and original creator(s).
* Unattributable income: Unattributable income, such as advertising revenue, advances, delivery charges for online content, bulk catalog licensing…must be fairly apportioned between the copyright owners and the creators…
* Complete and accurate reporting
* Direct payment: The creators’ share of the revenue must be paid directly to the creator or its collective agent, not to the copyright owner for redistribution.
* Equal access to new models: All musicians and copyright owners must have equal access to these new models. An indie or unaffiliated musician must be able to license music to new services.

# Lawsuit or settlement monies: All monies received as a result of copyright infringement claims…must be shared with the musicians…
# Best effort to pay creators

* Accurate accounting
* Right to audit

* Equal representation on governing board: Creators must have the same level of representation as copyright owners on any entity that collects licensing revenues for music.

* Collection of International Royalties: Musician shares…must be paid directly to the musician or its collective agent.

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