Piratii au idei geniale

Știți că The Pirate Bay au fost amendați pentru încălcarea repetată a legilor drepturilor de autor. Nu au de gând să plătească decât falimentând la rândul lor firma de avocați…

Citiți mai jos invenția lor:

PirateWell I have to admit that this is genius. The guys from the Pirate Bay have a a 30million SEK fine which they say they won’t pay. However they have come up with a plan where all their users can join in which works like this.

Everyone sends a small amount of money in an electronic transfer to the law firm that represnted the music industry. Suggested amount is 1 SEK (equivalent to 0.13 USD). Apparently the law firm’s bank account is only allowed 1000 electronic transactions before it starts to cost them, the account holder money.

The charge per transfer at this point is, wait for it… 2 SEK. Thus after the first 1000 SEK, if people send just 1 SEK it will cost the law firm more than the money they receive to process.

Welcome to the Distributed Denial of Dollars attack (DDo$)

Via DizzyThinks.net