Facebook cumpără FriendFeed

V-am povestit mai de mult despre FriendFeed – un agregator de feed-uri, un fel de lifestreaming complex. Un fel de Twitter mai complex.

Un fel de Status Feed, un concept lansat de Facebook.


Și dacă tot am ajuns la Facebook :-) siteurile străine blogul oficial FriendFeed spune că cel mai mare social network din lume a cumpărat FriendFeed, după câteva luni bune în care a copiat cam tot ce era original în acesta. Inclusiv opțiunea ’Like’.

Taylor and Buchheit founded FriendFeed along with Jim Norris and Sanjeev Singh in October 2007 after all four played key roles at Google for products like Gmail and Google Maps. At FriendFeed, they’ve brought together a world-class team of engineers and designers.

“Since I first tried FriendFeed, I’ve admired their team for creating such a simple and elegant service for people to share information,” said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO. “As this shows, our culture continues to make Facebook a place where the best engineers come to build things quickly that lots of people will use.”

FriendFeed is based in Mountain View, Calif. and has 12 employees. FriendFeed.com will continue to operate normally for the time being as the teams determine the longer term plans for the product.

Contul meu de FriendFeed este http://friendfeed.com/floringrozea

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