Site-uri de colaborări artisti a realizat un top al site-urile pe/prin care artiștii pot colabora pentru a produce muzică… fără să se întâlnească!


Top 10 Sites for Virtual Jam Sessions


    • Indaba Music
      Swap tips on mixing, mastering, and distributing your work, and access a slew of tools for artistic collaboration. You can also participate in remix contests, which occasionally feature such A-listers as the Roots and Yo-Yo Ma.


    • Jamglue
      Upload your songs and watch as Jamglue’s huge community of mixologists slices, dices, and reshapes them. Or play producer and rework jams by the likes of T-Pain, R. Kelly, and MC Lars.


      This site enables songwriters and musicians to come together as virtual bands. Got a cool guitar part? Record it, post it, and ask your fellow Kompozers to supply the rest.


    • Minimum Noise
      You’ve recorded a solid tune, but it needs … something. A Fender Rhodes, perhaps? Post a description of the accompaniment you seek and what you’re willing to pay. Choose the best submission and buy the rights to use it.


    • MixMatchMusic
      Lay down tracks with musicians around the globe using a Pro Tools-like recording and mixing interface. MixMatch also hosts a marketplace for the resulting works, with 85 percent of licensing revenue going to artists.


    • Rifflet
      Calling itself a recycling bin for rock ‘n’ roll, Rifflet lets musicians contribute unused bits and bobs—a cool drumbeat, say, or unfinished song—so others can use them to craft new pieces.


    • SoundCloud
      Looking for feedback on a demo? Post it here. Soundcloud’s music player lets friends—or the community at large—leave text comments pegged to particular spots in a song’s waveform.


    • Tune Rooms
      Jam with other musicians by uploading your tracks to a browser-based sequencing interface. Or sit back and watch the next big hit get developed by the crowd. Artists retain rights to their material and can sell it offline.


    • WeMix
      Megaplatinum rapper Ludacris cofounded WeMix as a place for aspiring hip-hoppers to post vocals, beats, and songs. Members then critique, build on, and remix the tracks. The best works could be released on Luda’s label.


  • YourSpins
    Geared toward mashup artists, this site hosts contests with music by talent such as Sia, Natasha Bedingfield, and Lil Mama. Take a song’s separated parts, rework them, and post your mix. You can also generate ringtones. ( is currently out of service.)