NIN lansează aplicatie iPhone pentru fani

Inspirat de o întâmplare de la un concert, când Trent Reznor (solistul NIN) a observat că fanii trimiteau pe Twitter fotografii din exteriorul stadionului unde trupa urma să cânte.


The free Nine Inch Nails app, scheduled for release as soon as it gets final approval from Apple, is a mobile window on all things NIN: music, photos, videos, message boards, even — thanks to a GPS-enabled feature called Nearby — the fans themselves.

Nearby is “kind of like Twitter within the Nine Inch Nails network,” says Rob Sheridan, Reznor’s long-time collaborator. “You can post a message or a photo by location, and if you’re at a show you can see conversations between other people who are right there.”

Fans have had their curiosity stoked by hints about the iPhone app that have shown up on Reznor’s Twitter feed.