5 motive pentru care să semnezi cu o casă de discuri

Ieri vă ziceam ’de ce NU’, azi citez dintr-un articol de pe Hypebot care spune câteva motive pentru care ar trebui!

1. Bank – The bigger record labels may not have as much money as they used to, but they probably have a lot more than you do. Money will not solve all your problems or make you a star, but it can be expensive to tour or to stop touring and concentrate on writing and recording, for example.

2. Distribution – Yes, TuneCore, CD Baby and others can put your music for sale online, but you still need a record label and their distribution arm to get you CD’s into stores, and while the scales are tipping toward digital, a third to a half of all sales still come from physical goods.

3. Team – You can’t do it all yourself; you must build a team. Record labels come with a built in team.

4. Experience – Passion can only take you so far. “Been there, done that” can help avoid a lot of mistakes and focus resources where they are like to do the most good.

5. Relationships – It’s not as bad as it used to be; but who you know – or at least get on the phone – sometimes matters. Labels have history and relationships with the media, producers, managers, agents and others that can help you.