Manifestul Artistului 2.0

Michael J. Johnson a publicat pe blogul lui un manifest al noului artist. Dl. Johnson este compozitor, interpret, producător muzical și profesor asociat la celebra școală de muzică Berklee College of Music din Boston.

1. We will no longer create art solely for a specific audience or demographic.
2. We do not need to create separate artistic personas for different aspects of our creativity.
3. We will allow our creativity free reign.
4. We will no longer refer to our art solely as a Product.
5. We will not allow our art to be governed by a Formula.
6. There is no longer a Consumer. There is only the Audience.
7. It is perfectly acceptable for an artist to release a country song and a freeform jazz exploration on the same record.
8. We will no longer use the phrases “is this accessible” or “could someone whistle this melody?”
9. We will no longer use the terms “single edit,” “radio mix,” or “commercial,” and we will no longer use the phrase “is this too long?”
10. We do not necessarily want or need to “get signed” to a major record label.
11. We will never again surrender our artistic control to any person or entity.
12. As we are able to control our art, we are also able to control our commerce and our livelihood.
13. We will control our own “brand” or “image.” This includes the freedom to completely reject those concepts if we so desire.
14. We summarily reject genre labels when possible, by labeling our music “other.”
15. We are free to use any and every artistic medium available.
16. We will interact with the Audience without a middleman or filter. If we chose to allow the Audience to participate in the creation of our art, this is perfectly acceptable as well.
17. We are free to use new and emerging distribution channels, or create our own if necessary.
18. In short, none of the old rules apply. We are free to make our own rules, or declare that there are no rules if we wish. Furthermore, we are free to amend or emend this manifesto whenever we desire!

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