Gerd Leonhard: Viitorul Muzicii – Vindem accesul la continut, nu continutul în sine

Un articol vast pe despre viitorul muzicii, accesul la informație și al conținutului digital. Finalul sintetizează conceptele pe care scriitorul și speaker-ul Gerd Leonhard le promovează de atâția ani:

The bottom line: content sharing isn’t the real problem!

High price points, outmoded, pre-web toll-booth concepts, broken relationships and processes, low values for high prices, bad technology and service, and utter lack of conversation and engagement are.

Here is my message to publishers and content owners: lower the prices for access to your content to the point of unanimous excitement, use open standards and technology platforms that work for everyone, everywhere; bundle and package as attractively as you can (then: repeat). Team up with ISPs, mobile operators, advertisers and device makers.

Remove all the reasons that your users may have to avoid your new toll-booths and skip the desired conversion to ‘paid’ – the lower the hurdle for legitimate usage and paid engagement, the higher the added values, the less you will have to worry about ‘competing with free’.

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