MUSIC: Influenta culturii hip-hop în moda bărbătească

Aflu de la Cristina Bazavan de acest articol din NY Times:


Unlikely as it may seem, the long hip-hop-slang-filled poems in this book are a hypertrophied form of what’s become the de facto way of discussing men’s fashion on the Internet for a generation that learned about Lardini and Isaia from street-style Web sites, and whose fashion enthusiasm began not in Milan or at F.I.T., but from watching Kanye West videos.

Hip-hop is the lingua franca, and also a blooming shadow influence on the men’s wear industry writ large. The Internet — Tumblr, specifically — is full of voracious consumption of men’s wear imagery, helping to build an informed consumer and talent pool unlike any before it. Who those people look up to are a slightly older cohort of designers, magazine editors and tastemakers who have become Internet men’s wear icons largely for the way they infuse the rebelliousness of their hip-hop youth into their more traditionally attired selves.

“I never feel that the two things have to be reconciled,” said Mr. Schlossman, 25, who dived deep into hip-hop during college, then became a heavy presence in the emerging men’s wear blog world after graduating. He met his co-author when Mr. Burrows, now 24, posted a video advertising the first collection of his small-batch tie line the Windmill Club, featuring nattily attired young men sauntering around Brooklyn over a hip-hop instrumental.

“The counterintuitive idea which now is the norm” is how Mr. Schlossman described the juxtaposition.

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