Top 200 de site-uri cu muzică lansate în 2008 face un top al celor mai interesante/importante site-uri de muzică lansate anul acesta!

Intră şi vezi tot topul, cu link-uri şi descrieri ale site-urilor aici. Iată câteva dintre ele dedicate streaming-ului gratuit (şi legal, desigur!):

MySpace Music (63) offered unlimited streaming music, and allowed users to sort everything into playlists to share on the site.
(Am scris multe articole despre acest nou serviciu legal)

Spotify (64) was a universally well-received streaming service with all the major labels on board, and a simple yet elegant interface.
(Din păcate nu merge din România) (65) was launched by CBS, and offered personalised radio in a nifty interface. We wondered if it was a direct competitor to though (owned by, er, CBS).

FavTape (66) let people log into their or Pandora accounts, extracted their favourite song lists, and then turned them into full streaming playlists using Seeqpod.

GlobalPandora (67) was a boon to non-US internet users shut off by Pandora due to its licensing problems. Simply, the site said it cracked Pandora’s protection to let them access the personalised radio service again.
(A fost oprit, încălca legea drepturilor de autor)

Streamzy (68) wrapped music search in a slick interface, bringing back songs and videos based on artist names, with saveable playlists.

StumbleAudio (69) aimed to be a more indie-focused version of Pandora, offering song streaming, ratings and personalised playlists. (70) was Spain’s first online streaming music service, offering two million tracks and a mixture of ads and subscriptions to make money.
(Ca idee seamănă cu, ca grafică cu

Radio OneLlama (71) had a great name, and a pretty nifty idea too – aggregating online radio stations with a neat search engine.

Fanbase (72) was a desktop app launched by Atlantic Records, pulling in video from YouTube, music from Imeem and chat from Meebo, all based on the label’s artists.
(E o aplicaţie de Windows, n-am avut răbdare să o încerc)

Awdio (73) was a streaming music site offering DJ sets from 60 nightclubs in 15 countries, capturing one stream from the sound deck, and another to mix in crowd sounds.
(Genial pentru muzica de club!! Streaming live din sute de cluburi de pe tot mapamondul)

MeeMix (74) aimed to take on Pandora and by supplying personalised online radio stations to users, but also let artists customise their own MeeMix profile pages.

Soundzero (75) was another Microsoft project, being an interactive radio station delivered through the Windows Live Messenger instant messaging application. In Thailand.

Red Box Blue (76) claimed to be the first company to be streaming live gigs on Facebook, offering 22-minute livecasts in partnership with Kyte.

MusicRambler (77) mashed up, Flickr and Google Maps – letting you listen to tracks, and see images and events relating to that artist on a map of the world. Why? Well, it seemed cool at the time.

Cassette From My Ex (78) let people wax lyrical about the romantic mixtapes made for them by long-lost boyfriends or girlfriends, with each post having a tracklisting and streaming songs.

Chilirec (79) was kinda a TiVo for internet radio stations. It let you listen to hundreds of stations on-demand, while also downloading them as MP3 files.

Boosey Radio (80) was launched by music publisher Boosey and Hawkes, offering streaming classical music sorted by mood, composer or period – with podcasts, ringtones and links to buy tracks all tied in.

MyPlaylist (81) was cheap’n’cheerful, mashing up Flickr photos and music from other sites to construct visual playlists based on specific artists – with these playlists then embeddable elsewhere on the web.

Wiki FM (82) was another mash-up service (they were all the rage in 2008), blending Wikipedia and, presenting artists’ Wikipedia pages while you listened to them on

Radiopaq (83) was a UK-based internet radio portal offering thousands of streaming radio stations from around the world, as well as podcasts.