Mashable: Pirateria este mai bună decât noi!

Faptul că muzica, filmele și jocurile sunt gratuit prin canalele online ’pirate’ nu este principalul motiv pentru care ’pirateria’ are atât de mult succes.

’Pirații’ se pricep mai bine la internet decât industria muzicală! Sunt mai buni când e vorba de a servi consumatorii. Mai rapizi. Mai ușor de găsit și de folosit.


One important thing here that the entertainment industry doesn’t understand, is how piracy works. Piracy works very, very well.

The albums and videos and movies come quickly; they’re thoroughly checked by the community, they’re well organized, they have standards of quality, and they’re free. To beat that, you need to offer content that’s just as fast, just as good, just as organized, and then give something extra to compensate for the “free” part: higher quality bitrates, extra digital content, extra physical content (shirts, concert tickets, coupons). You can’t miss out any of these elements because your content will ultimately be worse than the stuff on Mininova or The Pirate Bay.

Stan Schroeder încheie articolul:

Ultimately, I think the “free” element of piracy is not crucial. It’s the fantastic organization, speed and quality that piracy offers that makes most people download pirated content.

If the entertainment industry – movie studios and record labels, big or small – should offer content that has the same quality as the pirated content; and perhaps even strive to offer just a tiny bit more, they’d see their profits surge.

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