Statele Unite: Streaming-ul de muzică online a ajuns la acelasi nivel cu download si P2P

Un subiect care revine obsesiv în articolele mele din ultimii 3 ani este tranziția dinspre downloading înspre streaming. Mutarea consumului prin posesie către accesare.

Mai pe românește spus: în viitor vom asculta muzică (nu vom descărca), vom vedea clipuri (nu le vom primi pe email), vom interacționa în timp real pe internet (nu vom trimite email-uri).

Deja se întâmplă asta: YouTube este mai popular decât DC++ sau Torrentele iar email-ul este mai puțin folosit de generația nouă decât chat-ul (Yahoo!Messenger, Facebook Chat, Hi5 Chat).

NPD Group a realizat un sondaj în Statele Unite, în luna august 2010 și a aflat că streaming-ul de muzică online a ajuns la același nivel cu downloading-ul.

Viața noastră se mută in the cloud!


This is the dilemma. Creating a music experience that’s better than piracy also means that it would have to be better than buying it too. Since, at least at this point, streaming doesn’t pay more than downloads; the incentives for the record industry to promote the development of a robust streaming sector aren’t there.

It’s like the early days of iTunes. Labels understood that they needed to endorse a reliable method for fans to obtain single downloads, but they also needed to maintain their relationship with big-box retailers—the bread and butter of music sales. They had to give fans what they wanted without seriously damaging store traffic. Now, they’re running into the problem of sustaining digital downloads as a business model while still promoting the growth of the emergent ecology of music services online, because they can’t afford to cannibalize the digital album market.

Fix the file sharing problem, through rapid innovation, and you break the current business model, without getting a new one. That seems to be where things are at now. We know how to fix the record industry, on some level, it’s just that doing so would actually break it… again.