About the Hi-Q 15th Anniversary Concert

It was flawless.

There have been many good concerts in the last 15 years.

But, this concert was perfect: the songs we chose, the performance, the sound, the lights, the recording, the public, the promotion, the reactions. Everything!

I would lie if I told you that it was a dream come true. I never dreamed this far, but we have worked hard and I am proud of the team we put togheter in and for Hi-Q.

We filmed the concert with the renowned Bivolul production company – 8 cameras, a TV car and a crane. The audio-video material will be launched on DVD, probably in the fall. It’s the most complex project that Hi-Q has had to date and I think that the planets have aligned in order for us to do it this year.

Three days have passed since the concert and, while looking at the photos and the video from that night, I realize how far we’ve come. And I promise that we’re just getting started.

I want to thank you all, but most of all I would like to thank my team.