MIDEM: Mimi Hearing – pentru că îmbătrânim cu toții și nu mai auzim bine

Mimi Hearing Technologies a fost câștigător al concursului MIDEMLAB 2016 secțiunea Music Discovery, Recommendation & Creation.

Ideea asta am mai auzit-o inclusiv pe Kickstarter și Indiegogo, dar încă nu a făcut-o nimeni de succes main-stream: fiecare om are auzul unic și pierdem foarte mult dacă nu ascultăm muzica așa cum a dorit autorul ei.

Cei de la Mimi merg mai departe și spun că problema auzului slab nu e o problemă doar a celor în vârstă, cică pe la 25 de ani deja auzim doar 70-80% din totalul de sunete dintr-o melodie :-/

Detalii despre companie și despre produs:

Mimi is a Berlin-based mHealth company. We are building the next generation of hearing solutions while removing the stigma that is present in this industry. To date more than 150,000 people have tested their hearing with our app.

Mimi’s technology isn’t about discovering music: it’s about how we hear music, and how we perceive it. “Everyone has a different ear-print,” said business development exec Bernd Kopin, noting that most people have some kind of quality loss in their hearing, even if they are not officially hearing-impaired. We miss certain frequencies, and thus certain elements of music.

Kopin said that the music industry puts a lot of effort into recording music, and people buy expensive headphones or speakers, but “we are not really in control of how we perceive the music”. Mimi’s app aims to solve that: it gives its user a personalised hearing test to understand which frequencies they’re missing, then tunes their music to their “hearing profile”.

“More people tell us that their shitty headphones suddenly sound good, and even more expensive headphones get a big quality update,” said Kopin. Mimi works with services like Spotify already, and is looking for more partnerships with streaming services, suggesting that incorporating Mimi’s technology could help those companies sign up more paying subscribers.

Version 3.0 of the app will launch for iOS on 16 June, with its first Android version debuting the same day. The company is working on business models for in-app purchases and subscriptions, but is currently “pre-revenue”.

Pitch-ul MIMI Hearing începe la minutul 55:

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